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Code of Ethics

All members shall hold themselves to the highest lever of ethical behavior. The President, members of the Board, and Association members are duty-bound to hold themselves and others accountable.

Ethics are defined as they relate to this code:

Professional Guides

I will, to the best of my ability, assist, promote, educate, and otherwise support the profession of New Hampshire Outdoor Guides, my clients, and the resources I serve.


Multiple Use

I will support equal access to land and waters of New Hampshire for all recreational, educational, and sporting purposes for all.  I will furthermore promote the conservation of these resources.


Respect for the Law

I will fully cooperate with all wildlife officials, agencies, law enforcement officers, public and private landowners.  I will abide by and advise my clients on all applicable conservation and recreation laws, regulations, and statutes.  I will not encourage nor condone their violation.


Services and Equipment

I will provide clean, well maintained, serviceable equipment and gear that is adequate and appropriate for all conditions likely to be encountered.  I will employ only competent and courteous personnel in sufficient numbers to adequately care for the comfort and safety of my clients.  I may offer only well prepared and balance camp fare for clients and employees.


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Accurate Information

I will accurately advise my clients on conditions and factors involved in achieving their goals.  This includes, but is not limited to, weather conditions, terrain, fish and game populations, past client success and equipment.  I will advise my clients accurately on the equipment needed, physical endurance and skills required to undertake guide activity.


Safety and Comfort

I will at all times provide for the safety of my clients.  I will ensure, to the best of my ability, the comfort needs of my clients are met.


Trophies and Limits

I will never fill a client’s game tag or limit of fish for them.  Barring unforeseen conditions, I will attempt to protect the integrity of the fish or game taken by my client until being rendered to my client at the conclusion of the trip.



Any New Hampshire Guides’ Association member failing to abide by this code of ethics will be subject to investigation by the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Guides’ Association. Reprimand, fine, suspension, penalty, and/or expulsion may result from this investigation.  Furthermore, any and all incidents brought to the attention of the Board of Directors will be reported to the proper authorities at the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department.

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